It's time to go greenMSE Brand Premium Toner Cartridges

The MSE Brand “Business Grade” toner cartridges are our best option for customer satisfaction and retention, and here is why…….

The Secondary Cleaning System®

 This innovation virtually eliminates backgrounding, streaking, and dirty print, which results from toner buildup on the PCR. The results are pristinely clean prints from start to finish and overwhelming quality!

A true alternative to OEM but with substantial savings.

  • Preferred by our local Accountants and Law offices over OEM (Original) for their cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability.
  • Function fully until end-of-life and yield on average 20% more pages than Brand Name cartridges.
  •  Voted the industry’s best quality – year after year! and carry a 3 year warranty.

We have the lowest defect rate in the industry (less than 1%) which rivals that of the OEM (original).

And with our 100% worry-free satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and money to gain!

 ( If any of our MSE Brand toner cartridges fail, I will personally go to Staples and buy you an OEM (original ) to replace it.)

Conditions: Applies to “New clients” only- expires 6 months after date of invoice, however the cartridge warranty is 3 years : ))



ink cartridge

Not refilled ink cartridges, but REMANUFACTURED – Experience the difference

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. Peter Drucker

Superior performance and consistency from the first page printed to the last.

Our Inkjet Cartridges

Each inkjet cartridge is cleaned and emptied of remaining waste ink, this eliminates streaks in print and clogged print heads.

The cartridge is then filled to capacity with custom-formulated inks to ensure each cartridge meets yields and print quality.

Each cartridge is thoroughly tested to verify the quality of that cartridge, to ensure color specifications are met, and to make sure there is no smearing or streaking.

The sealing process ensures a leak-proof cartridge and a clean installation for the customer.

Cartridges are then cleaned, polished, heat-sealed in a vapor resistant bag and boxed.


Our service

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.
Jeff Bezos, CEO

One on one customer service, you have our full attention

Free Local Delivery to your Home or Office

Cartridge installation, and print testing if required

Inkjet printer maintenance

If you are looking to buy a new printer, we provide printer consulting at no cost, to ensure you are matched up with a printer that suits your needs

Special pricing for Non Profits, we like to help where we can

We even collect your empties for recycle……

Unequivocally, remanufactured cartridges are the smart choice for the environment. From the cartridge components, to the corrugated box packaging and the installation sheets, which are printed on recycled paper, our imaging supplies are designed to be environmentally friendly.

We also supply laser printer parts and maintenance kits – Every refurbished fuser is fully post tested and comes with a warranty term longer than that offered by the OEM.


  • Compatible Inkjet Cartridges are available
  • POS Printer Ribbons
  • Thermal Fax Ribbons
  • Inkjet Printer Maintenance
  • Postage meter cartridges


Yes we take Purchase Orders click here for info.

Purchase Orders

We Accept Purchase Orders From:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Business

Purchase Order Instructions:

  • All Purchase Orders must be submitted on Company Letterhead via Email only!
  • Email your Purchase Order to

Purchase Orders Must Include:

  • “Bill to” address & phone number
  • “Ship to” address and phone number (Include who’s attention this should be addressed to)
  • Email address of person responsible for processing and paying invoices
  • A company created Purchase Order number
  • List the product(s), quantity(s)
  • A Purchase Order product total (We will contact you with a quote)
  • An Authorized Signature

We supply businesses large and small, and home offices

Below are some of the businesses that use our products
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Get Free Local Delivery when placing a minimum order $25.00 or more.

With savings of up to 30% over new, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our premium inkjet and toner cartridges offer the best alternative to Brand Name.

I hope I have the opportunity to look after your toner and inkjet cartridge needs in the near future.

We accept Credit Cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover), Cash, or cheque, and also E-Transfers for your convenience.

Ink In A Wink - Your Comox Valley Printer Cartridge Experts
Ink In A Wink - Your Comox Valley Printer Cartridge Experts
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