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We Don't Claim To Be The Best.

   The type of work I do requires me to surf/research on the internet on a regular basis, to keep up to speed on products similar to our own that may be entering the market. The thing I noticed the most were the claims that are made on said products - for instance...." Best Value" "Highest Quality" "Canada's Leading Cartridge Source" "Award Winning Service". The question that comes to my mind is " How do I know that, where is the proof?"

   There are so many online ink and toner businesses out there (and I mean a lot), and it seems they all claim to be the best, or have the how do you know? Where is the proof? Where are your awards for the service you provide? What value? Where are that facts and figures for the claim of highest quality?

   The market is saturated with claims and no proof!

   The latest proof was put out there as "fake reviews" for Amazon products, and I reposted the article. A lot of people in the world shop online, the world is huge! How do you trust the reviews? So many questions enter my mind about online shopping, that I won't bore you with them all... I think you get my point so far.

   What I'd like to do is put forth another option. It may be old fashioned, obsolete, or outdated... but worth a shot! Who knows - it may make you think twice about your next shopping adventure online.

   What if you traded your hard earned money for a product supplied by a local business? Yup, there's the groan......"oh man, not another shop local plea". Well, it's not a plea, it's common least to me, so please hear me out.

   You can still use the internet to help shop at local businesses. We all have reviews as well, and the greatest thing is for me is that our community is small enough you may even know a few of the people who gave them. 

   I hear a lot from people who shop online say "it's cheaper"! Okay, that's a valid reason.... but at what cost in other areas? You don't know how well it's made, or if it even works. You can't hold it in your hands and examine it. Sure, you can ask a question or two before you buy it, but it's just words on a screen, there is no body language, no eye contact to assess if what they are saying is even true, and no community support!

   What happens when you finally get it in the mail or by courier and it doesn't work? Will they pay for the shipping to return it? If they do, will they test it to find out why it doesn't work? Or will they just send you another because it's cheaper?

   Shopping locally you have a connection with the vender - you communicate, you pick up the product, look at it, touch it, even try it on if it's clothing. You are looked after, there is a trust generated, and if something goes wrong you are looked after that business day -  or the next if they are closed. It's called personal service, incomparable to online shopping, and your money supports your community.

   We don't claim to be the best - we promise a different experience, a better experience, and a dependable product. With your loyalty comes a connection, over time perhaps even a friendship, and we deeply appreciate your support.

by Wanda G Fuller

Owner operator of Wanda's Ink In a Wink a Comox Valley Home Based Business since 1997 



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