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About Us

Comox Valley 1997: 
After 3 years building and upgrading computers it was time for a change, so I tried my hand at refilling ink cartridges, it was new and not many were doing it locally. I found myself really enjoying it so I kept at it while also educating myself on how the cartridges and their printers worked, and then added inkjet maintenance to my service.
   As technology changed over the years, smart chips, and new electronics were introduced by cartridge manufacturers (they really don’t like you refilling their cartridges), which made refilling tricky, and reliability was lowered with each new cartridge introduced to the industry.
   In 2014, I decided to STOP REFILLING cartridges and now  supply remanufactured cartridges (manufactured in USA/CANADA), which are a much higher quality, and dependability for my customers, no more messy refilling, and the cartridge electronics are tested before resale. I also added remanufactured toner cartridges (manufactured in USA/CANADA) to my list of offerings, and the results have been fantastic!
   I love the “one on one” with my (local) clients, as they receive the best service, my undivided attention, and we get to know each other a bit as well. I still have clients who have been with me since starting 20 years ago!
Old fashioned service: 
Ink In a Wink was nominated for the 2015 Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award.